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Posted by Jeff Soyer on 28 Jul 2014 10:03 am

From Variety:

Sarah Palin – former governor of Alaska, erstwhile candidate for VP of the U.S. and polarizing public figure – has unveiled a new subscription-based Internet TV network that promises direct access to her and her supporters.

The Sarah Palin Channel, which costs $9.95 per month or $99.95 for a one-year subscription, will feature her commentary on “important issues facing the nation,” as well as behind-the-scenes looks into her personal life as “mother, grandmother, wife and neighbor.” Palin serves as executive editor, overseeing all content posted to the channel.

Um, no thanks.

Posted by Jeff Soyer on 28 Jul 2014 06:02 am

Hey, it’s been working in Vermont for a few hundred years now. From the Washington Post:

The District Court did not issue a stay, but the D.C. Attorney General’s Office announced on Sunday that it would seek a stay. As reported by the Washington Post, D.C. Metropolitan Police Chief Cathy Lanier has approved an order which allows District residents to carry a handgun IF AND ONLY IF the handgun has been properly registered with the District Police, pursuant to the District’s handgun registration ordinance.

What about non-residents? According to the Post article, “Lanier’s instructions to police also said that residents of other jurisdictions without felony records would not be charged under the ban on carrying pistols.”

Fox31DC reporter Emily Miller reported the non-resident rules slightly differently on her Twitter feed late Sunday night: “STUNNING DEVELOPMENT: DC Police Chief Lanier just told force not to arrest a person who can legally carry a gun in DC or any state.” “More — DC police chief using guidance from AG — grants full reciprocity for all open and concealed carry from others states.” “Only gun arrests now in DC can be DC residents with unregistered guns and non-residents who are prohibited under federal laws.”


Posted by Jeff Soyer on 27 Jul 2014 05:03 am

And since it’s from Pizza Hut, you know it’s deadly:

Posted by Jeff Soyer on 27 Jul 2014 04:50 am

Not a slide show, just a list of 10 things losing luster. Explanations are given and the list includes breakfast cereals, convertibles, and guns:

…Lately, however, gun sales have fallen, sometimes sharply. The big reasons why this is so seem to be that there’s little in the way of likely gun control for gun enthusiasts to motivate new purchases, and also that everyone who has wanted to buy a gun in the past couple of years has already bought one (or seven). In the first quarter of 2014, the guns-and-ammo-focused Sportsman’s Warehouse retail chain saw comparable stores sales drop 18%, while gun sales at Cabela’s fell 22%.

But a little perspective is necessary. While guns sales and background checks are down compared to the past couple of years, they remain far above the levels of the early ’00s. As gun industry experts have put it, the decline probably just represents a “returning to normal” for gun sales—which aren’t as strong as they once were, but are still very strong nonetheless.

Well, in my case I just don’t have the money, though nothing out there really excites me anyway. As for cereal, I still eat my Wheaties every morning.

Posted by Jeff Soyer on 27 Jul 2014 04:20 am

From the Gothamist:

A cop has been reassigned to desk duty after video surfaced showing him allegedly stomping on the head of a man he was trying to arrest.

Cops say Officer Joel Edouard was attempting to arrest suspect Jahmiel Cuffee in Bedford-Stuyvesant on Tuesday night, after he allegedly spotted the 32-year-old man rolling a joint.

More, and video, at the link.

Posted by Jeff Soyer on 26 Jul 2014 06:37 pm

Attorney Alan Gura wins again. So do the law abiding people living in Washington, D.C. … Okay, what few there are.

From USA Today:

A federal judge Saturday overturned the District of Columbia’s ban on carrying handguns in public on the grounds that it is unconstitutional.

“There is no longer any basis on which this court can conclude that the District of Columbia’s total ban on the public carrying of ready-to-use handguns outside the home is constitutional under any level of scrutiny,” said Judge Frederick J. Scullin Jr. in his ruling on Palmer v. District of Columbia.

Posted by Jeff Soyer on 26 Jul 2014 02:39 am

Because it’s none of their damn business. From WTSP:

A Florida law that restricts doctors from discussing gun ownership with their patients is a “legitimate regulation of professional conduct,” a federal appeals court ruled on Friday.

The Firearm Owners Privacy Act prohibited doctors from asking patients about their ownership or recording that information in medical records unless it was medically necessary. The law that passed in 2011 was declared unconstitutional by U.S. District Judge Marcia Cooke, who agreed with doctors and gun control advocates that it violated the free speech rights of Florida physicians.

The 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta overturned that decision. A federal judge in Miami had also blocked the state from enforcing the law.

It should be noted that the law would NOT have — to use an example — prevented psychiatrists from asking a patient about firearms ownership if they thought the patient might be a danger to themselves or others.

Posted by Jeff Soyer on 25 Jul 2014 05:46 am

From the Cumberland Times-News:

Democrats pushed the proposal into law last year as part of a package of gun restrictions meant to improve safety after devastating mass shootings. Lawmakers drafting the background check requirement, aimed at keeping firearms away from those with a criminal history, relied on information from a non-partisan research arm of the Legislature that predicted about 420,000 new reviews over the first two years. Accordingly, they budgeted about $3 million to the agency that conducts the checks to handle the anticipated surge of work.

But after a year of operating under the new system, Colorado Bureau of Investigations officials have performed only about 13,600 reviews considered a result of the new law — about 7 percent of the estimated first year total.

[ . . . ]

For Republicans, it provides evidence that a plan they opposed from the start was an unnecessary attack on the rights of gun owners and bolsters the conservative efforts that recalled two Democratic state senators and prompted a third to resign.

Read the whole thing. There was a total of 311,000 background checks performed. Of that, less than 13,600 were a result of the “expanded” law required for private transfers. Total denials? 260, probably from from people who didn’t realize they had something bad in their background.

You can bet that those who do know they would never pass an NICS background check aren’t obeying the new law.

Posted by Jeff Soyer on 25 Jul 2014 03:10 am

Granted, if you’re living in a large, liberal city or state, it might seem futile. But, in the small town of Polar, Wisconsin (pop. 995) you should always be on top of what the town council or board is up to:

WFXS, MyFoxWausau - News and Weather for Wausau, WI

Posted by Jeff Soyer on 24 Jul 2014 04:43 am

I’ve never lived in a state that requires even a thumb print. A photo of my face was always good enough and in Vermont they’ll even retake the picture if you don’t like the way the first one came out. From Techdirt:

The Texas Dept. of Public Safety has apparently decided that if you’d like to be allowed to drive a vehicle in the state, you’d also perfectly fine with a criminal booking-style fingerprinting and having those immediately uploaded to a criminal database (that reps swear isn’t a criminal database).

[ . . . ]

Not only that, but since 2010, Texas law enforcement has been running facial recognition searches on DPS license photos with its Image Verification System.

When Lieber exposed this, thanks in part to a former DPS employee (who noted the full set of prints are uploaded to AFIS [Automated Fingerprint Identification Service], creating a record in criminal databases if no previous record exists), a spokesman for the agency said it was perfectly legal plus pretty awesome at fighting crime.

Yeah, I know, “If you have nothing to hide…”

Posted by Jeff Soyer on 24 Jul 2014 04:08 am

From Fox News:

Mayor Sly James says he doesn’t want any guns in plain view within city limits in KCMO. The Kansas City Public Safety Committee is backing a ban that would keep people from openly carrying guns in the city.

Mayor James says the sight of open carry is something that people could find too intimidating. We spoke with Councilman John Sharp, who says the biggest concern is that currently people can open carry in the city without passing background checks, and be subject to firearms training like gun owners have to do with conceal carry permits.

Posted by Jeff Soyer on 24 Jul 2014 03:23 am

A new blog discusses living in space.

Posted by Jeff Soyer on 22 Jul 2014 09:50 pm

From The Blaze:

Beretta U.S.A. Corp. announced on Tuesday that it plans to move its entire U.S. manufacturing operation from its current location in Accokeek, Maryland, to Gallatin, Tennessee, due to a fear of gun control legislation that may pass the Maryland Legislature in the future.

“During the legislative session in Maryland that resulted in passage of the Firearm Safety Act of 2013, the version of the statute that passed the Maryland Senate would have prohibited Beretta U.S.A. from being able to manufacture, store or even import into the State products that we sell to customers throughout the United States and around the world,” Beretta General Manager Jeff Cooper said in a statement.

“While we were able in the Maryland House of Delegates to reverse some of those obstructive provisions, the possibility that such restrictions might be reinstated in the future leaves us very worried about the wisdom of maintaining a firearm manufacturing factory in the State,” he added.

That’s 300 jobs leaving Maryland, plus corporate taxes.

Posted by Jeff Soyer on 22 Jul 2014 06:06 am

Essentially, that’s the thrust of this NRO article. Most cops are great. But more and more we read stories about some that truly abuse their powers, and the Constitution. Unfortunately, most of these bad cops are never punished. Excuses or rationals are given by Internal Affairs departments, or local and state prosecutors.

Update 7/24: Here’s a perfect example.

Posted by Jeff Soyer on 22 Jul 2014 03:16 am

If I had cable TV, I would never give a penny (i.e. subscribe) to HBO. Here’s why.

More here:

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin rejected overtures from True Blood’s producers for a cameo role on the conservative-bashing vampire show. Her instincts proved to be correct after Sunday’s HBO episode in which Republican women were once again demeaned when one of the lead characters said in horror, “Oh my God, I’m a Republi-c*nt.”

[ . . . ]

“The brilliant minds of ‘True Blood’ were brazen enough to ask me to do a cameo on their show, apparently so they could insult a conservative woman in person instead of just all conservative women in general,” Palin told Breitbart News. “Their offer wasn’t presented in any negative way, perhaps to benefit from a surprise factor after the guest appearance. I turned them down anyway.”

Palin also had some choice words for hypocritical Hollywood liberals who often gin up the phony “war on women” rhetoric.

“To producers who throw these deceitfully ‘flattering’ bones that sound fun on the surface, is it really any wonder I don’t accept your offers to participate in your shows?” she said. “Nice try HBO. I’d put any mama grizzly in America against a vampire any day; for only one of them actually exists. The left wants to talk about a ‘war on women’? Keep engaging in your misogynist attacks on women you disagree with and we’ll see who wins your self-inflicted war in the court of decent public opinion.”

While there are certainly some on the right who engage in untoward behavior, all you need do is casually scan MSNBC, KOS, TPM, the comments sections of Huffington Post and almost every other MSM news source, to realize that it is the left, the liberals, the “progressives” who are the most narrow minded, the most dogmatic, the most demanding of adherence to the creed, the most “hating” of people who have different opinions than theirs.

Posted by Jeff Soyer on 22 Jul 2014 02:33 am

Ya’ know…You just can’t make this stuff up:

The first time Nigel Sykes tried to get money from the Seasons Pizza in Newport, he did it with a gun, forcing his way into the business through the back door.

This time, Sykes is trying to get money from the pizzeria by suing the employees who tackled him and wrestled his gun away during the robbery.

Sykes alleges assault in a federal civil complaint claiming the rough treatment was “unnecessary” and that as a result of the injuries he suffered during his attempted hold-up, he is due over $260,000.

Read the whole thing. Apparently Sykes is both a serial robber and a serial litigant.

Posted by Jeff Soyer on 21 Jul 2014 03:07 am

From Breitbart:

Texas media outlets are reporting Texas Governor Rick Perry is preparing to deploy the Texas National Guard to portions of the Texas/Mexico border.

Ostensibly they are going to assist the Texas Rangers and various sheriffs’ departments. This could set up a clash with Washington D.C.

This almost sounds like the start of many a “prepper” or future civil war novel.

Go Texas!


The Obama administration ignored a report to the Department of Homeland Security last year which predicted that a large number of unaccompanied children would arrive at America’s southern border in the coming months, according to a published report.

Posted by Jeff Soyer on 20 Jul 2014 11:46 pm

A veteran working the night shift at a local supermarket was concealed-carrying. He stopped a robbery. He was fired for violating the store’s no-gun policy. You can read my June 19th post about it here. Anyway, the good news is that he’s working at another store where being armed is A-OK. He’s drawn the attention of the NRA. Video at the link.

Posted by Jeff Soyer on 20 Jul 2014 07:10 am

From Variety:

Whatever his personal qualities, the actor – who, according to TMZ, died over the weekend at the age of 86 – was the quintessential star on screen, someone who moved with apparent ease between comedy and drama, film and television, before that was quite as fashionable as it is today.

This was exemplified by signature TV roles like “Rockford” and “Maverick,” but that barely scratches the surface of the Garner persona, which combined square-jawed, matinee-idol looks with self-effacing qualities and easy-going charm.

I was a diehard Rockford Files fan.

Garner always struck me as Burt Reynolds without the off-screen drama. Here are some facts the Variety obituary doesn’t mention. He was married to the same woman for over 50-years. He served in the National Guard and the Army. He earned two Purple Hearts during his service in the Korean War. On and off the set he was respected for his professionalism.

Rest in peace, James Garner. Thanks for so many pleasant viewing hours by the TV.

Posted by Jeff Soyer on 18 Jul 2014 05:40 am

From the Burlington Free Press:

Guns accounted for more deaths in Vermont in 2011 than motor vehicle accidents, a first-time occurrence that national gun control groups say is proof stricter laws regulating gun purchase and ownership are needed.

According to a study released this week by the Violence Policy Center in Washington D.C., Vermont had 78 gun deaths in 2011, compared to 54 fatal car accidents as reported by the Governor’s Highway Safety Program.

Except that all but four of those deaths were suicides. Now, I’m not “pro-suicide” by any means, but it’s a conscious decision by someone to take their own life — not an engagement in a criminal enterprise. Further, what kinds of gun control could prevent using them to kill themselves? Background checks? Limits on magazine capacity? An “assault weapons” ban? Even a “safe storage law” would be useless if it’s the gun owner shooting himself.

The real question to ask is, why are there so many suicides? Death by suicide is rising in almost all states. It could be the recession the country has experienced. So many people have simply given up looking for work. They lose their homes. That can cause family pressures or divorce, which leads to other mental stress issues. Drug use (both legal and illegal) is way up. There is, indeed, ample evidence that many prescription anti-depressants have the opposite effect, or cause psychosis. Banning guns won’t keep people from finding easy ways to kill themselves, nor will it solve the real problem, which is depression in so many people.

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