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Arts and Letters
We certainly received a lot of letters and comments following our previous report of the attack on Pearl Harbor. It even inspired an independent movie.

12/7 A Little Nip in the Air

A Movie Review by Roger *b*rt
(as told to Jumbo)

Critics and cultured viewers are raving about Mich**l M**re's new documentary, '12/7: A Little Nip In The Air.' Sophisticated filmgoers will no doubt fondly recall M**re's earlier work (I gave it four stars), 'Herbert Hoover Is the Anti-Christ,' a raucous yet witty documentary which convincingly makes the case that the 31st President intentionally caused the Great Depression in order to keep a large pool of more or less willing potential human sacrifices for the use of his fellow Bohemian Club members.

In his latest triumph, Moore ascends to new heights of artistic excellence, as well as demonstrating a discerning political eye. He carefully draws for us a picture of the twisted web connecting Vice President John Nance Garner, the Bilderburgers and the Freemasons, and exposes their scheme to kidnap Japanese infants to serve as entrees in ritual dinners.

Moore also cleverly uses clips from the familiar Movietone news films and Lowell Thomas commetaries to make his point. Moore makes use of our treacherous leaders' own words to show that almost every high-level member of FDR's cabinet was in on the deal. Now, hidebound literalists may quibble with some of Moore's use of artistic license. For example, some stiff-neck might argue that FDR really DID say, 'December 7th...a date that will live in infamy,' instead of, 'Let's get some Jap kids to eat,' as Moore's film clip shows.

But you must admit that Moore's clips are persuasive, and sound true. Besides, if Moore has taught us anything, he has taught us that, sometimes, what should be the truth is more important that what is the truth. A wise fellow, and an artist coming into his own. We can't wait for his rumored next opus, "The Jews WANTED To Be Gassed."

Some comments telegraphed to
the Global-Post-Times-Chronicle:

"We DESERVED to be attacked at Pearl Harbor. Japan had no choice but to put half of Asia to the sword." "I have to admit, I wanted to cheer when I heard that the 'Arizona' capsized and sank; I just hope no kitty cats got hurt."
-- Michael M**re, filmmaker and prophet

"My God, I had no idea film could be put to such use. Until Michael came along, I thought it was enough to show torchlight parades. I had no concept of splicing film. He's a genius."
-- Leni Riefenstahl, auteur and documentary filmmaker.

"Michael does a crackerjack job showing us Roosevelt's war. We should tend to our own knitting, and let Asia and Europe handle their own squabbles. Thank God Michael is there to get the word out."
--Charles Lindbergh, aviator and
Chairman, "America First" Committee.

"This kid is a grounbreaker. I want to learn from him. Maybe I can get him to come to Berchtesgaden, meet the gang, exchange ideas."
-- Joey Goebbels, public relations specialist.

"Better than a pinball machine"
--average college student


The December 7th attack by Japan upon Pearl Harbor was a major atrocity. In terms of the number of victims, they do not reach the level of many others perpetrated by the US, for example, the campaign at St. Mihiel by General Pershing and those he commanded such as Colonel Patton during the last spat in Europe. Still, it wasn't a good thing.

The primary victims, as usual, were your everyday naval base workers including janiors, mechanics, etc.

December 7 revealed, dramatically, the foolishness of ideas about large ship based artillery, or the proposed ideas for surface-to-air missiles. As has been obvious all along, and pointed out repeatedly by military analysts such as myself, if anyone wants to inflict immense damage in the US, including weapons of large destruction, they are likely to resort to just the unstoppable ways used by the Japanese.

In short, the attack on Pearl Harbor is a gift to the jingoist warrior president of the United States, and his war-mongering allies in Congress who hope to use force to control their domains. No doubt the US will respond with violence, possibly triggering further attacks like this one, or worse.

As to how we should respond, we can choose the high-road; we can seek to understand what may have led to December 7, which means making an effort to enter the minds of the Japanese. If we do that, I can think of no better course than to listen to the wise words of journalist Robert F*sk, whose direct knowledge and insight into the affairs of the region is unmatched after many, oh so many years of distinguished reporting. Describing "The wickedness and awesomeness of a crushed and humiliated people," he writes that "this is not the war of democracy versus terror that the world will be asked to believe in during the coming days. It is about American imperialism, such as they exhibited as they grabbed all the land of their continent. It is about an American soldier's bullet missing its target and injuring a civilian."

There is no doubt in my mind that the jewish components of our military will find an excuse to cause another world war where peacefull negotiations with the parties in conflict would suffice. Again, we have a choice: we may try to understand, or refuse to do so, contributing to the likelihood that much worse lies ahead.
--N**m Ch*msky

The disconnect between the attack on Pearl Harbor, a monstrouse dose of reality, and the self-righteous drivel and outright deceptions being peddled by public figures and radio commentators is startling, depressing. I'm really really depressed. The voices licensed to follow the event seem to have joined together in a campaign to infantilize the public. Where is the acknowledgment that this was not a "cowardly" attack on "civilization" or "liberty" or "humanity" or "the free world" but an attack on the world's self-proclaimed superpower, undertaken as a consequence of specific American alliances and actions? And if the word "cowardly" is to be used, it might be more aptly applied to those who kill from beyond the range of retaliation than to those willing to die themselves in order to kill others. In the matter of courage (a morally neutral virtue): whatever may be said of the Japanese, they were not cowards.

We have a President who assures us that America still stands tall. A wide spectrum of public figures, in and out of office, who are strongly opposed to the policies being pursued abroad by this Administration apparently feel free to say nothing more than that they stand united behind President Roosevelt. A lot of thinking needs to be done, and perhaps is being done in Washington and elsewhere, about the ineptitude of American intelligence and counter-intelligence, about options available to American foreign policy, particularly in asia, and about what constitutes a smart program of military defense.
--S*san S*nt*g

Make no mistake, the major link in the chain of events that culminated in the December 7th attack was the imperial lust for sushi that has cursed the people of Japan for nearly a hundred years. The biological and oceanographic processes that led to lots of raw fish loitering in the coastal waters off Japan blindly set the stage for the oppression of the peoples who stood in the way of the rapacious looting of nature's bounty primarily by British, French and American corporations and governments.
--C. W*lk*r

We encourage open discussion as to the origins of this crisis and the most appropriate response to the atrocities that have taken place, particularly about the need for a foreign policy that is based on economic and political justice.

A century ago, Samuel Gompers, first President of the American Federation of Labor, said that labor wants more justice and less revenge.
--A SF Union Council

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